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INCREACE – More recyclates in electronics

The next four years, nearly 20 European organizations will study …

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SUP assessment framework for packaging

The scope of the Single Use Plastics directive for packaging …

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E-course Circularity South Africa’s waste sector

Ecometrix Africa and Partners for Innovation have had the opportunity …

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Moonshot Circular Floor Coverings

Floor covering faces many circular challenges. Most floor coverings are …

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Design for Recycling of Electronics

Electronic products have brought countless benefits to society. Since E-waste …

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Sustainable packaging for Lidl

Lidl  is strongly committed to sustainability. In addition to the …

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Action Plan Increasing the use of recycled plastics

The Action Plan Increasing the use of recycled plastics aims …

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Standardisation of recycled plastic

Leading home appliance manufacturers and plastic recyclers have been working …

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Sustainable pharmaceutical value chain

To support the pharmaceutical sector in working sustainably the associations …

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Clay Brick Association – Sustainability program

The formal brick industry is an important economic sector for …

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Silicone cartridges in the plastics cycle

The disposal and recycling of the silicone cartridges that are …

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DAF Trucks – Ecodesign training

DAF Trucks is one of the leading truck producers in …

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Circular luggage system

With the expansion of their luggage hall in 2017, Eindhoven …

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Tarkett – Closed Loop Carpet

How can we close the material cycle of carpet? In …

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Applying recycled plastics

How can we match the supply and demand of recycled …

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Waste processor SUEZ saw many paper coffee cups end up …

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Recycling car tires

Discarded car tires are a big and problematic waste stream. …

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CIRCO – Circular design & business

CIRCO powers the development of the Circular Economy, driven by …

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Sector Plans Sustainable Packaging

How can we reduce the environmental impact of packaging through …

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Inspiration guide Circular design

How do you make efficient use of materials and close …

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