Sector plans sustainable packaging


Sector plans sustainable packaging

How can we reduce the environmental impact of packaging through prevention and recycling? The Framework Agreement for Packaging 2013-2022 describes the efforts of municipalities, the (packaging) industry and central government in this area. The sustainability plans for packaging show the efforts of the Dutch industry.

Sector Plans for Sustainable Packaging

As part of the Framework Agreement, the industry draws up sector sustainability plans. These contain the measures that the sectors want to take to make their product packaging combinations more sustainable. Every sector has their own plan, tailored to their products and packaging. The first round of sector plans took place in 2015-2019, after which the results were monitored. The second round concerns 2018-2022.

Partners for Innovation was involved in the preparation and monitoring of many of these plans. We worked with the fruit and vegetables, e-commerce, food, supermarkets, DIY, pharmacy and garden sector on plans for making their packaging more sustainable. In addition, we have monitored the plans to investigate whether the goals have been achieved.

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