Recycling car tires


Recycling car tires

Discarded car tires are a big and problematic waste stream. Black Bear Carbon has developed a technology that makes it possible to recycle used car tires  into high-quality carbon black in a clean and sustainable way. We supported them in obtaining financing.

Discarded car tires: a problematic waste stream

The technology of Black Bear Carbon is an alternative to the current, extremely energy-intensive and polluting production method of carbon black – the furnace black process. In this method, carbon black is produced by incomplete combustion of oil. Black Bear Carbon recovers the material out of used car tires, so that the material can be reused. On average, 20 – 25% of the total volume of a car tire consists of carbon black.

From waste product to valuable raw material

Partners for Innovation supported Black Bear Carbon in applying for financing from the Demonstration Energy-Innovation (DEI) scheme and in meeting the requirements.  The project contributes to the transition to a circular economy: from waste product to valuable raw material and energy. The black powder is used as an ingredient for car tires, rubber, coatings and ink. At the same time the technology provides an alternative for the current energy-intensive and pollution production method of carbon black. Because the carbon is recovered, the factory saves over 20.000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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