Tarkett – Closed Loop Carpet


Tarkett – Closed Loop Carpet

How can we close the material cycle of carpet? In the Closed Loop Project, carpet producer Tarkett focuses on the most effective separation methods. Partners for Innovation assisted the company in the development of the project.

Close the loop: old carpet as a raw material

The Closed Loop Carpet Project is aimed at developing the most effective separation methods for materials as a basis for the closed cycle of carpet waste in polymers and new products. In 2009, Desso developed a return and recycling program for used carpets in six European countries. An eco-innovation subsidy was obtained for this program with support from Partners for Innovation.

Since then the company has been tacking back more and more material, but several  technical challenges remain. In particularly, scaling up the separation of waste materials into reusable compounds is difficult, because they have to be pure enough to meet the Cradle to Cradle standards. In 2015, DESSO became part of the French company Tarkett, one of the largest manufacturers of flooring in the world.

Closed Loop Carpet

In this project, Tarkett investigates the technical and economic feasibility of an innovative separation technology. This allows raw materials to be recovered from discarded carpet material, while maintaining a very high purity. This makes “closed loop recycling” possible.

We assisted Tarkett in the application of the LIFE subsidy and provided support in the project management. In addition, we carried out a LCA impact analysis to investigate the environmental impact of the new separation process.

With this project we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations:



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