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We work on sustainable and balanced development of agriculture and nature in the Netherlands and Sub Sahara Africa.

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Nature and inclusive agriculture

Nature and agriculture have a lot to offer us. However, the climate changes and other environmental challenges make innovation in government policy and business strategies inevitable. Sustainable land use is necessary to keep our planet liveable.

In our view, a responsible way of dealing with the soil is inextricably linked to the circular economy and renewable energy. They should benefit nature development and inclusive agriculture. And vice versa. Our advice and development of projects for sustainable land use are therefore aimed at an integrated approach to the living environment. taking into account people, nature and the economy.

Governments and companies are increasingly feeling the urgency to give shape and substance to sustainable land use. It is clear that organizations and companies have to work together to achieve this. We can quickly develop suitable solutions for bottlenecks they encounter in making land use more sustainable.

Sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

Especially in countries in the Sub-Saharan the agricultural sector plays an important role in the (economic) development of countries. This applies, for example, to Niger, a country with relatively many young people and many underdeveloped sectors. There are considerable opportunities for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, as the (southern) area has a lot of agricultural potential. However, there is often a lack of entrepreneurial skills and limited access to knowledge, tools and contacts.

Niger Office

We have an office in Niamey, Niger. From there we support entrepreneurs in Niger in finding sustainable ways of doing business. We develop programs, tools and methods, organize chains of companies and investigate financing options. Knowledge sharing and capacity building are of great importance. That is why we offer access to resources, resources, contacts, expertise and we provide training, so that more and more people have the tools to get started themselves.

Decisive Dutch team

In the Netherlands we have built up decades of knowledge, experience and a network around nature policy, financing & project development and scientific research. We are an independent, agile and agile team that works closely with our experts in renewable energy and circular economy.

We support governments and companies with various issues:

  • What are the opportunities and feasibility of nature development, nature-inclusive agriculture or nature-friendly sustainable energy projects in this area?
  • How do we distribute the available resources as efficiently and fairly as possible?
  • How do we find the right strategic partners to set up and finance a successful project?
  • What are the most relevant Dutch and European subsidy schemes and how do I submit a promising application?
  • How effective is the current nature and forest policy and what improvements are possible?
  • Which bottlenecks in legislation and regulations stand in the way of sustainable land use?
  • Which new scientific insights regarding forest and peat meadow areas can improve and support our policy decisions?
  • What is the impact of policy and business operations on nature, such as scarce raw materials, harmful emissions, biodiversity and residual flows? How can we reduce and compensate for the adverse effects?

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