Land Use

From our office in Amsterdam and Niger, we work on sustainable and entrepreneurial land use.

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The agricultural sector has to deal with major social developments. The world population and the demand for food and energy increases, while the amount of land is decreasing. Farmers also face the effects of climate change. The demand for sustainable forms of agriculture is therefore growing.

Agribusiness in Niger

The agricultural sector can contribute to the (economic) development of countries. This also applies to Niger, a country with a relatively young population and many unutilized underdeveloped sectors. There are considerable opportunities for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, since the (south of the) country has a lot of agricultural potential. However, many entrepreneurs lack (entrepreneurial) skills and have limited access to knowledge, tools and contacts.

Partners for Innovation Niger

Partners for Innovation supports entrepreneurs in Niger in finding sustainable ways of doing business. We develop programs, tools and methods, organise chains of companies and investigate financing options. Knowledge sharing and capacity building are of great importance. That is why we offer access to contacts and expertise and provide training, so that more and more people have the tools to get started.


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