CIRCO – Circular design & business


CIRCO – Circular design & business

CIRCO powers the development of the Circular Economy, driven by design. Companies work together with designers on developing circular products, services and business models. They do so by sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration with their network.

The transition to a circular economy starts with entrepreneurs, and the transition to circular products, services and business models starts with its design. Collaboration between various parties in the chain is indispensable.

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management recognizes this importance and commissioned CLICKNL, Top Sector of the Creative Industry, to launch a program for companies and designers in 2015. This program focused on circular business opportunities, collaboration, upscaling and knowledge sharing is called CIRCO.

Creating business through circular design

CIRCO’s starting point is ‘creating business through circular design’. During the workshops, entrepreneurs and designers become acquainted with the principles of a circular economy. In addition, they explore possibilities for their own products or services. The CIRCO community consists of entrepreneurs of the manufacturing and creative industry, as well as researchers, policy makers and students. The core team of CIRCO developed the approach. In addition there is a network of trainers. Ingeborg Gort is coordinator trainer for the plastics sector and Siem Haffmans is part of the trainers network.

Circular products and services

CIRCO is subdivided into four main sectors: the manufacturing industry, plastics, consumer goods and construction. Within these sectors all kinds of tracks and classes take place, from mattresses, electronics, packaging, furniture and interiors to festivals and fashion. Over 1000 participants have already started to innovate their services, materials and product designs.

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With this project we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations:



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