Rijkswaterstaat – Inspiration Guide Circular Design


Rijkswaterstaat – Inspiration Guide Circular Design

How do you make efficient use of materials and close your (raw material) cycles? How do you design a product in a circular way? The Inspiration Guide Circular Design shows how you can get started with the circular economy in different ways.

Circular Design

The Inspiration Guide contains 10 diverse circular products, varying from packaging to electronic products and materials for construction. Because of the different angles and approaches to connect to a circular economy, the examples inspire you to design and do business in a circular way. For each case, we indicate the design solutions applied, the way the chain is organised and how the business model is designed. Before you dive into the cases, you can read more about the different aspects of designing products for a circular economy.

More & better recycling program

The expertise center Waste and Materials of Rijkswaterstaat is working on the VANG More and Better Recycling program. This program aims to prevent the dumping and incineration of recyclable waste and to recycle more with a higher return. Producers are encouraged to use materials efficiently and to close chains. In addition, the program focuses on extending the Ecodesign directive.

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