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Transition towards a circular economy

Many companies and organizations feel the urgency to make the transition to a circular way of working. Within a circular economy, it is ensured that raw materials and products remain in circulation for as long as possible, with the best possible use. This transition requires different, innovative ways of thinking and doing.

In our view, circular innovations can only be successful if they are technically feasible, profitable for entrepreneurs and attractive to end users, all this in a socially responsible manner and with a positive impact on the environment.


Where do I stand as an entrepreneur or organization?

Such an integrated approach demands quite some efforts of companies and organizations that are willing to start with or are already in the transition process. What does a circular way of working mean for my company or organization? Where do I start, what is the best strategy, how do I set up a project, where do I find funding, how do I convince my clients, how do I make it happen and how do I measure the results? The urgency and relevance of these questions differ, depending on the stage of your process.

Working together in projects

Our team of industrial designers has the necessary expertise in setting up, implementing and supervising sustainable projects. We have the necessary technological knowledge and are skilled to jointly draw up and develop circular revenue models, assessing your project from the perspective of end users. We are strongly attached to a continuous and fundamental cooperation. We make complex subjects clear and concrete, enabling you to immediate implement actions and achieve results.


At Partners for Innovation we promote the importance of circular business modelscircular design and circular behaviour. Within these areas of work, we specialize in those themes that have the broadest social relevance at that time.

Our specific spearheads include:

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