Project development
& Financing

In sustainable land use, financing can mean the step from idea to reality. A good project proposal is indispensable in order to obtain a subsidy or another form of financing.


From idea to project

Innovative projects have high start-up costs. Public funding is available for the development of sustainable innovation projects, such as grants or loans under favorable conditions. Various parties, including the Dutch government and the European Union, recognize the importance of sustainable innovation and offer opportunities for financial support. 

Nature management and policy

The Netherlands and Europe are faced with the task of managing and further developing nature in a responsible manner. Agreements have been made for this in the Climate Agreement, for example by planting more forests and managing them sustainably. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO and the European Commission support nature conservation with financial instruments, Among other things. LIFE is the European Union’s subsidy program for projects aimed at environmental and nature conservation and climate action. Entrepreneurs, governments and NGOs can receive funding for the development and implementation of nature and environmental policy. We offer expert support in setting up and applying for these projects. In addition, we support the European Commission on a technical level with the supervision of these LIFE subsidy projects. Horizon Europe also has a series of subsidies that benefit the restoration of nature and biodiversity.

We do not limit our efforts to applying for funding. Financing is not an end in itself. Successful development of sustainable projects is central to us. We provide support throughout the innovation process, from idea development to finding possible schemes and partners. We provide support in drafting project proposals, implementation and final reporting

Examples of project development & financing of sustainable land use projects:

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