and Evaluation

Partners for innovation supports companies and governments in monitoring, evaluating and certifying sustainable projects and programs.


Results count

Are the intended results of a project or program achieved? And what do the results say for the follow-up? Partners for Innovation assists companies and governments in the monitoring and evaluation of sustainable projects and programs.

A few examples:

  • For Control Union Certifications we certify biofuel companies for the American market. During an audit, Partners for Innovation checks whether the companies meet all the requirements and rules.
  • For the European Commission, we monitor innovative projects and start-ups subsidized by the LIFE program.
  • In the Sustainability plans for packaging, various sectors draw up plans for making their packaging more sustainable. In order to know what goals they have achieved, Partners for Innovation carried out the monitoring and baseline measurements for various sectors, including the fruit and vegetable, e-commerce and DIY sectors.

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