Sustainable bioenergy


Sustainable bioenergy

Affordable clean energy for local communities

Biomass is becoming increasingly important as a green raw material and energy resource. In South East Asia bioenergy is already established as a reliable source of fuel. In Sub-Saharan Africa, bioenergy is an upcoming market. Residual flows of biomass from agriculture, forestry, industry and households provide renewable resources for raw materials, fuels and energy generation. We support the local community in generating sustainable bioenergy from biomass residues as clean alternative for fossil fuels.

Our sustainable bioenergy projects include:

  • Biogas business plan South-Africa (2021)  – Development of a business plan for Diepsloot Community Market, South Africa (Unido)
  • Biomass residues Cote d’Ivoire (2021) –Study on potential of utilizing agricultural residues in the cashew, cassava, cocoa, palm oil, and rubber value chains in a productive and responsible way (Dutch embassy in Côte d’Ivoire).
  • Biogas Policy Review– Cambodia (Asia) (2021) – Policy review for establishing an enabling environment for rapid update of biogas technologies across industrial sectors
  • Coega Biomass Center South Africa (2020-ongoing)– converting woody biomass residues into wood pellets as a substitute for coal (own project development)
  • Biomass beneficiation South Africa (2019- ongoing) – Coordinating the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme ‘Solid Biomass Opportunities in South Africa’ (RVO)
  • Biogas programme Kenya (2019) – Proposal support for a public sector approach biogas programme (EnDev)
  • GET.invest Finance Catalyst Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean (2019-ongoing) – Supporting developers of 0.5-50MW renewable energy and clean cooking projects
  • Clean cooking pilots in refugee camps Ethiopia (2019) – Proposal for a market-based pilot project for on improved energy provision (briquetting production for clean cooking) for refugees,. (Hivos, Dorcas and Zoa)
  • Waste to Energy Nigeria (2015-2016) Feasibility study into the conversion of municipal waste into electricity (EuropeAID)
  • Renewable energy Zimbabwe (2016-2017) – Market Study Renewable Energy including bioenergy and biomass (RVO)
  • Biogas installation South Africa (2016-2018) – Feasibility Study and design of a pilot biogas installation at a fish farm (USAID)
  • Sustainable biogas South Africa (2009-2016) – Sustainability assessment of biogas projects and project management from residual waste (Bio2Watt)
  • Captive Power Nigeria (2015-2016)-  Energy market study and possibilities for captive power in the agrifood sector. (GIZ)
  • Biogas Mozambique (2015) – Study on sustainable Business Models for Biogas (SNV Mozambique)
  • Biogas installation Uganda (2015) – Sustainable lodges for SNV Uganda Green Tourism (EU Switch programme)
  • Clean Technology Financing Landscape Ghana (2015) – Pipeline of climate technology project opportunities for the Ghana Climate Venture Facility GCIC (Ghana Climate Innovation Center)
  • Alternative biomass cooking fuels in Sub-Saharan Africa (2015) – Global survey of scalable business models for alternative biomass cooking fuels and their potential (WorldBank Group)
  • Renewable Energy Ventures Sub Saharan Africa (2014-2015) – Support of six selected renewable energy ventures, including biofuels, on business plan development and obtaining market funding. (RVO)
  • Agroforestry Enterprise Opportunities Senegal (2014-2015) – Exploratory study to identify agroforestry enterprise opportunities in Senegal to produce biomass substances for Dutch biobased industries (NL Embassy Senegal)
  • Biogas program Ghana (2014) – Feasibility study and develop a ready-to-implement programme for institutional biogas (Ghana Energy Commission)
  • Biomass business opportunities Sub Saharan Africa (2014) – Identify international market opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions who are active in the biobased economy (RVO)
  • Biofuel pricing framework Mozambique (2014) – Evaluating the draft of the Mozambican biofuels pricing framework and formulates recommendations (RVO).
  • Biofuel Sustainability Framework Mozambique (2013) – Pilots at 3 biofuel companies with involvement of 5 national and 5 regional government organisations.
  • Rice husk gasification plant Indonesia (2013)- Economic, social and environmental sustainability of the BULOG rice husk gasification plant in Indonesia (RVO)
  • Global Bioenergy Partnership sustainability indicators Ghana (2011-2013) – Enabling Ghanaian policymakers collect information on sustainability issues related to bio-energy, analyse this i and use it for the design, development, steering and implementation of policies (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • CDM credits for biogas project South Africa (2011-2013) – CDM carbon credits for the South African biogas project (Bio2watt)
  • Clean fuels for local use Madagascar (2009-2011) – Sustainability assessment of the production chain and project management of a Jatropha biofuels production chain for the local market.
  • Sustainability of Jatropha Zambia (2011-2012) – Provide Technical Assistance to a Jatropha biofuels company (RVO)
  • Platform Sustainable Agrofuels Madagascar (2011) – Train the Platform of Sustainable Agrofuels (WWF)
  • Jatropha biomass fuels Mozambique ((2009-2011) – Development of a sustainability impact assessment methodology and for conducting an assessment at three Jatropha plantations( Jatropha Alliance)

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