Innovation is necessary to stay ahead in your industry. Sustainability and the transition to a circular economy are important drivers. How can you be successful in a circular economy and innovate your business models and (product) designs?


Why circular design?

Circular business models and design strategies offer attractive value propositions. A sustainable product or service delivers competitive advantage and contributes to its future-proofing.

New business opportunities

As the focus in a circular economy shifts from ownership to continuous, performance-oriented services, new business opportunities arise. When products are linked to services, the quality of these products becomes more important. As a result, products, components and materials retain their value for as long as possible and at the highest possible level. Agreements with your customers about return systems for your products lead to new business opportunities s and savings on purchasing. This also benefits employment and the environment.

Getting started with circular design & business

We support you in making your company, product or service more sustainable, for example through (strategy) development of circular business models, products and services and the assessment of the technical, economic and environmental impact. We also supervise circular projects and coordinate stakeholder relationships.


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