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29 03 2021 Design for Goodbye

If we want to bring the circular economy closer, we will also have to deal with old mobile phones in a different way. Nowadays, designers…

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15 02 2021 Action Plan “Increasing the use of recycled plastics“

The Action  Plan “Increasing the use of recycled plastics“ aims to secure the coherence between the many initiatives, and at the same time drives forward…

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15 11 2020 Let it go

Designing the Divestment of Mobile Phones in a Circular Economy from a User Perspective, This research addresses two modes of consumption to achieve the return…

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23 10 2020 How sustainable is a situation with billions of discarded face masks?

Would it be a sustainable situation if we use and throw away billions of face masks every day in post-corona times? One of the things…

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14 10 2020 Inspiration document ‘Towards a sustainable pharmaceutical value chain’

The Inspiration document: ‘Towards a sustainable pharmaceutical value chain ’ aims to provide inspiration and motivation for the sector by outlining current developments in this…

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30 01 2020 Inspiration Guide Circular Design

With twelve diverse examples of circular products, the Inspiration Guide Circular Design inspires every party throughout the chain to start working in a circular way.…

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04 10 2018 Products that Flow

‘Products that Flow’, circular business models and design strategies for fast-moving consumer goods. On the 4th of October 2018 the book ‘Products that Flow’ by…

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30 09 2015 Designing with recycled plastics – case guide

The caseguide 'Designing with Recycled Plastics' describes the experiences of six leaders from Dutch industry regarding the use of recycled plastics in injecton moulded products.

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30 09 2015 Designing with recycled plastics – guidelines

This handbook offers information about the entire process, from strategic choices to use recycled plastics to communication towards consumers, including practical design guidelines and examples.

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