Sustainable packaging


Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging means that you include environmental aspects when designing the packaging of a product. Sustainable packaging improves the quality image of your product and your brand. It ensures cost savings in the chain of production, logistics, use phase and waste processing. In addition, you contribute to a cleaner environment and comply with increasingly strict legislation, such as the European Strategy on Plastics. This includes reusable or refill packaging, the use of recycled or biobased materials and closing the cycle through recycling.

Getting started with sustainable packaging

We support industry associations and individual companies in developing sustainable packaging plans for both existing and completely new product packaging combinations. We perform LCA studies of product packaging combinations and provide strategic advice on, for example, the choice of material. In chain projects we optimize product packaging systems in collaboration with material suppliers, packaging producers, packers, brand owners, retailers, users, waste collectors and recycling companies. During training courses, we let packaging experts and packaging designers get to work with their own packaging portfolio.


With these activities we contribute to the folowing Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations:

SDG 13


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