Strategy and Policy

How can the government develop effective policies to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, circular economy and sustainable agriculture? How can you, as a company, respond to market developments and government policies? What does this mean for R&D programmes, investments and strategic cooperation? At Partners for Innovation, we provide strategic advice for governments, inter-branch organizations and companies.


What choices are possible?

The transition to a circular economy, a sustainable energy supply and sustainable agriculture requires radical changes in our current linear production and consumption system, the use of fossil energy and intensive land use. This can only be achieved through a combination of clear government policies, technological innovations, chain cooperation and new business models and a change in user behaviour. We are aware of the latest developments and trends and are able to develop, on this basis, a long-term strategy, including a roadmap or timetable for implementation.

What does our analysis look like?

For governments, we can explore the various possible policy options in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. For inter-branch organisations and companies, we can develop an innovation strategy that fits in with expected market developments, prejudging future global and European regulations and local government policies.

A few examples

  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management –Dutch Circular Design Centre
  • Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging, (KIDV) and Rijkswaterstaat – Applying Recycled Plastics
  • Plastics – Transition Agenda for a Circulair Economy Overrijssel
  • Biomass residue – Valorizing woody biomass residues in South-Africa
  • EuropAid – Producing energy from waste in Nigeria
  • Single Use Plastics – Impact of European Directive



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