Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Complex projects in Sub Sahara Africa are often supported by various stakeholders and donors. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) are vital elements in any of these projects.



Managing complex projects

In Sub Saharan Africa we have years’ experience on the nexus of renewable energy, agriculture and sustainable land use. These complex projects are often supported by various stakeholders and donors; NGO’s, governmental bodies and financial institutions. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) are vital elements in any of such projects or programs.

Through MEL, we determine to what extent a project/program has fulfilled its objectives, catch problems early and learn from our mistakes. Monitoring commences right from the start of a project and extends through the duration of the project. Evaluation is performed at certain stages of the projects, typically halfway and at the end of a project. Learning is an element that should be well embedded in all facets of a project. Prior experiences, both good and bad, are the key inputs for adaptive management.

Dedicated support

As Partners for Innovation we are dedicated to support clients to measure, understand and use results beyond outputs/KPI’s to better manage and steer their interventions. We do so by working with our clients rather than for them, whereby we make sure that we both pursue the same longer-term objectives in our collaboration, based on mutual trust and relying on our respective qualities and capabilities. Our strength is that we are a flexible, decisive company, working with strategic partners to provide both knowledge of the local context, the technical know-how, data collection and analyses.

With our services we focus on:

  • Monitoring – support in design of indicator frameworks and MEL systems and guidelines, including alignment of key (cross-cutting) issues such as sustainability, gender and youth with international discourse on state-of-the-art monitoring in development cooperation. Develop reporting tools based on the capacity of implementing partners, internal information needs and donor requirements.
  • Reporting – review, align and promote MEL systems and guidelines. Advise and support in reporting to donors. Assist in strategy to communicate results externally (e.g., posts, news, presentations, conferences etc.).
  • Evaluation – Support and conduct baseline studies, midterm reviews and endline studies. Conduct impact assessments, internal evaluations and organize learning sessions.
  • Capacity development – support in MEL activities, for instance by providing training in the Theory of Change methodology, and qualitative and quantitative data collection tools.
  • Learning – Support participative learning processes within projects and programmes. Consolidate learning and assist in embedding in adaptive management.

Our strategic partners in Monitoring & Evaluation services are Ecometrix and MDF.

Our projects include:


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