LuxDev in Niger


LuxDev in Niger

LuxDev is the development cooperation agency of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Through the Third Indicative Program, LuxDev works together with the authorities of Niger on the development of the country. Partners for Innovation, together with I&D, supports the actions of LuxDev in Niger.

Development in Niger

The development cooperation agency supports Niger in different fields, such as education, rural development and access to water. Capacity building is predominantly done by strengthening and enhancing existing institutions and mechanisms. The aims are to improve living conditions for the most vulnerable populations and to enhance sustainable development.

Monitoring & evaluation

Partners for Innovation and I&D support with the implementation, planning and reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the actions of the programme. In addition, we work on the integration of cross-cutting themes in the program (gender, environment, value chain development, trade development).



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