Jasmijn Sybenga


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Finding the balance between people and nature

Jasmijn Sybenga



Jasmijn Sybenga is European nature policy and sustainable land use advisor. She holds a PhD in the development and restoration of natural woodland in northern Scotland. Her background in palaeoecology provides her with a sound knowledge about the impact of climate and people on past and present ecosystems. Her work in the management, conservation and protection of the ‘Flow Country’ – the largest area of blanket bog in Europe – has introduced her to the important role that peatlands, and natural ecosystems in general, play in providing ecosystem services e.g. peatlands contribute to climate regulation through carbon sequestration and the important socio-economic function that natural habitats fulfil in our society.

Within Partners for Innovation, Jasmijn Sybenga is mainly involved in sustainable land use projects that work towards a sustainable and balanced development of nature and agriculture.