How do you design a product in a sustainable way, apply a circular business model, set up an innovation process or start a new project? Through training and workshops we help (chains) of companies and governments to innovate sustainably.


Taking sustainable steps

Producing, distributing, using and discarding products undeniably impacts the environment. Sustainability is therefore increasingly part of design and business processes. This not only provides environmental benefits, but also offers market opportunities.

How do you take (the first) steps to make your product or process more sustainable? During a training or workshop we take a close look at your product or process. In addition to giving workshops, we also guide trainers and develop new material.

A few examples

  • For Unitar and the South African Department for the Environment we developed the e-learing course Circular Economy for the Waste Sector in South Africa! together with Ecometrix Africa
  • In CIRCO tracks and classes entrepreneurs and designers become familiar with circular business models and design strategies. Companies are introduced to the principles of the circular economy and apply these to their own product or service.
  • At DAF Trucks we provide Ecodesign training courses every year, in which already 200 constructors and designers have participated. We also developed an Ecodesign tool for these courses.
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa we are working on capacity building. For example we have trained NGOs on how to help other organizations in the energy sector with implementing gender awareness in their daily work.

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