Project development
& financing

Public funding is available for many innovation projects, for example in the form of a grant or loan on favourable terms. These forms of financing can mean the step from idea to reality. A good project proposal is the essential first step.


Developing your idea

Various parties, including the Dutch government and the European Union, recognize the importance of sustainable innovation and offer opportunities for financial support. Whether it concerns a first idea, a concrete plan, or scaling up a pilot or demonstration.

A good project proposal

A good project proposal, including a description of the business case, is necessary in all cases. Developing a project proposal helps to turn an idea into a sustainable, marketable and profitable business concept. During the process the steps to be taken are defined, planned and budgeted and contacts are made with organizations that can contribute to the realization.

Innovative idea or concept, new product, service or process?

We support companies in setting up and submitting successful project proposals in the field of sustainable energy, innovation, climate and environment. These concern international, European, national and regional subsidy schemes.

We offer support for the entire innovation process, from idea development to finding possible schemes and partners. Our services also include preparation of project proposals, implementation and final reporting.

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