Tim de Ruiter


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Een  duurzame wereld dichterbij brengen door te focussen op de onderwerpen met de meeste milieu-impact

Tim de Ruiter



Tim de Ruiter is one of our circular economy advisors. His background in Industrial Design Engineering gives him technical, social and organisational skills that he leverages to transform complex challenges to simple and elegant solutions, be it in the form of a product, system, report or advice. Tim is a skilful systems thinker, with strong analytical abilities and a creative mind. Finding novel solutions to tackle sustainability challenges is what excites him most.

Tim uses his knowledge on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), design for behavioural change and circular business models to realise a sustainable world. Examples of his previous work are setting up a sharing economy on the University of Twente campus and advising production companies based on environmental impact analysis. During his thesis, he researched the effectiveness of the current implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and circular economy in the Netherlands, as well as how consumer psychology influences the reduction of environmental impact.