Life cycle

Where do you start if you want to make a product more sustainable and improve environmental performance? A Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) shows the possibilities by calculating the environmental impact.


Why a LCA?

The life cycle of a product or service consists of many phases with varying characteristics, making it difficult to see what causes the (most) environmental impact. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides clarity about the cause and nature of the impact and offers environmental opportunities for your product or activity.

The life cycle

The life cycle refers to the entire supply chain of a product: from extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, (re-)use, waste processing to transport. The sum of all these steps is the life cycle. In a Life Cycle Assessment, the environmental impact of this entire cyclus is calculated and analysed. For example, we investigate damage to ecosystems, resource availability, climate impact and CO2 emissions.

Getting started with a LCA

In a life cycle analysis we take a closer look at the environmental impact of the chain, including a benchmark with competitors and new concepts. The standard LCA method is used (ISO 14040/44). A LCA quick-scan provides a quick and cost-effective picture of your products and other activities. The CO2 footprint shows the specific CO2 impact of products and processes.


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