Together with our partners, we ensure that more and more people have access to renewable energy, generated in a clean and transparant way.

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Solar, wind and biomass

Increasing industrial production, a growing world population and increasing prosperity ensure that our energy consumption continues to rise. However, many alternatives are available to replace energy generation from fossil fuels, for example wind, sun, water and biomass.

Renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa

From bioenergy from waste streams to wind turbines and solar panels, in Sub-Saharan Africa are plenty of opportunities for clean electricity. Around 600 million people in this region do not yet have access to energy. At the same time, the region has many renewable resources and the demand for energy exceeds the supply in many places. Partners for Innovation supports companies, governments and NGOs in initiating, developing and implementing projects, policies and programs for sustainable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, biogas is an upcoming market. Biomass is becoming increasingly important as a green raw material and energy resource. Residual flows of biomass from agriculture, forestry, industry and households provide renewable resources for raw materials, fuels and energy generation.

We dive into (new) markets, investigate the feasibility and financing of projects and assess the sustainability of projects. In addition, we look for partnerships and provide capacity building through training and workshops.




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