Francisca Demmendal-Wit


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Nature-inclusive as essential for a species-rich landscape, a healthy society and a flourishing economy

Francisca Demmendal-Wit



Within the Sustainable Land Use team at Partners for Innovation, Francisca Demmendal-Wit fulfills the role of advisor on nature-inclusive agriculture and agricultural nature management. After her studies in earth sciences and paleo-climate and geo-ecosystems, she applied the knowledge in her PhD research on CO2 emissions from rivers and coastal areas in tropical peatlands in Indonesia. In addition, she has gained knowledge and experience as a consultant in water management, team leader in (greenhouse) horticulture and as a policy researcher for biodiversity and its link with society. This gives Francisca a solid theoretical and pragmatic background, which can be used effectively in a variety of projects, such as research, transition coaching, (European) policy and advice.

During this journey through various disciplines and sectors, it once again became clear to her that all parts of our living environment are interrelated: If the landscape is basically in order, a healthy society and strong economy can flourish. And a nature-inclusive, integrated approach to various tasks, directed from natural capital, is essential for this.