Bregje Drion

Renewable energy consultant

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Bregje a renewable energy consultant with a focus on small-scale, decentralised renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Within the GET.invest Finance Catalyst, she manages the intake of new applications, coordination and progress of existing projects and the global advisory team, and reporting to stakeholders.

Bregje has three years of experience in managing complex, international renewable energy and sustainability projects. At the Dutch Embassy in Malaysia, Bregje worked as local liaison for a Dutch public-private consortium of technology companies to find sustainable solutions for biomass waste streams from palm oil production. Subsequently, Bregje was as a project officer at Global Environmental Reporting Platform CDP, where she worked to tackle deforestation in commodity supply chains by engaging companies and investors. Bregje’s strong suits are stakeholder management, project management and partnerships development. Bregje is based in Amsterdam and holds an MSc in International Relations.