25 May 2020

Support for European environment and climate programme LIFE

Europees milieu en klimaatprogramma LIFEDeadlines in July.

 Is your company active in environmental, nature or climate issues? Then you might be interested in getting financial support from the European LIFE programme. The programme supports a broad range of project types such as pilots, demonstration, best practices and awareness & dissemination projects. Partners for Innovation can assist in drawing up the proposal and submit the complete document in time.

 LIFE is the European Programme for the Environment and Climate Action, for the period from 1 January 2014 until 31 December 2020. In contrast to many other funding programmes, LIFE projects are relatively flexible in terms of how they can be set up. For instance, you can decide if you would like to run a project on your own, or if you prefer to join forces with partners from your own or another country.

Priority Areas

The LIFE Programme is structured in two sub-programmes:  the sub-programme for Environment and the sub-programme for Climate Action.

The sub-programme for Environment covers three priority areas:

  • LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency
  • LIFE Nature and Biodiversity
  • LIFE Environmental Governance and Information

The sub-programme for Climate Action covers three priority areas:

  • LIFE Climate Change Mitigation
  • LIFE Climate Change Adaptation
  • LIFE Climate Governance and Information


 The deadline for concept notes for LIFE Environment and resource efficiency is 14 July and for LIFE Nature and Biodiversity 16 July. Full proposals for the LIFE Climate action sub-programme  should be submitted before the closing date of 6 October.


Partners for Innovation has expert knowledge on project development and financing in these three areas. Our experts can help you with the application process and, if required, assist in setting up a project (with partners). If  you are interested in the LIFE Environment and Resource area you can get in touch with Peter Karsch, for LIFE Nature and Biodiversity with Torben Mulder, and for the LIFE Climate Action areas with Matthew Doe.

Click here for more information about the LIFE call for proposals.

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