Strategic Partnerships

Working together with local partners in Sub Saharan Afrika to realise the most impact.


Sub-Saharan Africa is the main region where Partners for Innovation is realizing projects on renewable energy. It’s an important region for our activities in the field of sustainable land use as well. During the implementation of our projects, we always work together with local partners; organisations and/or individual experts. Consequently, we are in constant search for a long-term cooperation with committed and expert partners. Partners who are working on site and count on a large network. This close strategic partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa enhances our ability to carry out our tasks more effectively, and sometimes even faster. This will lead to a greater impact for the client and, ultimately, for the region.

Sustainable cooperation

By working together and joining forces for projects on renewable energy and sustainable land use we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations:

SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy

SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth

SDG 13 – Climate action

SDG 15 – Live on land

SDG 17 – Partnerships for the goals

Goal 17 focuses on revitalizing the collaboration between the countries and en sectors and tries to promote a sustainable policy. To be able to achieve all these goals by 2030, cooperation between governments, businesses, citizens, and organisations is essential, especially regarding technology, knowledge transfer, trade, data, policy coherence and financial flows.

Partners for Innovation is active in all these areas.

Strategic partnerships of which we are proud:

  • Partners for Innovation Niger – This African country has a relatively young population and is one of the least developed countries on the continent. Knowledge sharing and capacity building are, therefore, of significant importance. In our office in Niger, we help entrepreneurs, especially in the agricultural sector, to develop and manage sustainable business. The focus is on the most vulnerable groups: women and youth. We develop programmes, tools and methods, organise chains of companies and investigate financing options.
  • GET.invest Finance Catalyst – With this extensive and long-term European programme, we support small-scale energy projects to make them attractive for funding. Within this programme, we work together with experts, many of whom are based locally, including Albert Boateng (Ghana), Mark Hankins (Kenya), Patrick Makanza (Zimbabwe), Samuel Martin (Malawi), Chai Musoni (Zimbabwe), Kofi Nketsia-Tabiri (Ghana) and Michael Feldner (South Africa).
  • iLive Sustainable Development (iLive) – In 2019, we entered into a partnership In South Africa with iLive for the valorisation of woody biomass. The collaboration started with the establishment of Partners in International Business (PIB): six Dutch companies, active in the biomass chain, have joined forces with South African parties and in cooperation with the Dutch government. Their goal is to set up sustainable biomass chains, creating in this way a market for biomass streams. The first concrete result of the PiB, was the establishment of a joint venture with iLive to become owner of a pellet factory: Coega Biomass Centre.
  • Coega Biomass Centre – Partners for Innovation, the iLive Sustainable Development and a sustainable investor have taken over a dormant pellet plant. Together with local governments, suppliers of biomass waste streams and customers of pellets, we are reinvigorating this factory.The aim is to contribute to the creation of local jobs, the reduction of CO₂ emissions and sustainable land use.
  • EcoMetrix Africa/Brundtland – This South African consulting firm focuses on strategic policy issues around sustainability and greenhouse gas reporting. In recent years, we have established a fruitful cooperation. We contribute with our technical content knowledge and international experience in setting up and monitoring renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. A good example of this successful partnership is the project to achieve a more sustainable and circular brick production for the specific South African industry association. In addition we exchange consultants to share knowledge and set up mutual projects.
  • MDF West Africa – This training & consultancy agency based in Accra (Ghana) and provides advisory and training to increase professional skills and knowledge in African countries with a strong focus on inclusiveness. Together with MDF, Partners for Innovation evaluated the ECREEE Energy and Gender (ECOW-GEN); a network which aims to foster a cohesive and coordinated regional approach to gender-responsive sustainable energy development, and to strengthen female entrepreneurship in the energy sector in the West African region. In addition we exchange consultants to share knowledge and experiences. 

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