Feasibility Studies

and Market Exploration

How do you know if your innovation, technology or material fits a market? And how feasible is your concept or plan? A feasibility study or market exploration provides answers.


Giving direction together

An innovative project involves uncertainties. Whether it is a new material, an undiscovered market or a technology ready for upscaling, it is often still unclear. Research helps with decision making, identifies risks and gives direction to strategy, planning and implementation.

Exploring opportunities

Depending on the purpose, phase and uncertainties of a project, we conduct various studies. In a feasibility study we investigate whether a plan, for example the application of a technology in a particular place, is feasible and desirable. In a market research we map the market, and investigate the opportunities and risks of operating in that market.

A technically feasible plan is not always economically viable. And an economically beneficial project can be undesirable on a social or environmental level. When approaching research on a plan or project, the technical, economic, environmental and social aspects are therefore always taken into account.

A few examples

  • Market study captive power in Nigeria
    For the RECP program of GIZ we mapped the Nigerian energy market. We also identified opportunities for using captive power in the agri-food sector.
  • Feasibility study waste-to-energy
    Ogun State, a region in Nigeria, is struggling with energy shortages and waste issues. Therefore, the Energy Task Force wanted to know whether off-grid solutions aimed at the conversion of municipal waste into energy can contribute to a solution. In a study we investigated the technical and financial feasibility of a waste-to-energy technology in Ogun and the expected socio-economic and environmental impact. In addition, we have developed a technical design concept with the associated possible business models.
  • Research into the application of recycled plastics 
    What does the market for recyclate of plastic packaging waste look like? For Rijkswaterstaat and KIDV we mapped the opportunities to better match demand and supply of the material. Various pilots have been started based on the results.

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