Vanderlande – Circular luggage system


Vanderlande – Circular luggage system

Supply chain project

With the expansion of their luggage hall in 2017, Eindhoven Airport was faced with a challenge: what to do with the current luggage system? Eindhoven Airport and Vanderlande wanted to prevent the old luggage system from ending up as waste. That is why they started an experiment with partners in the circular value chain to extend the lifespan of the old system.

Collaboration to maintain value

The current system in the luggage hall was still in good condition. Dismantling the system without re-using it would therefore lead to a loss of value. That is why Eindhoven Airport and Vanderlande decided to look for a new destination for the parts of the luggage handling system.

To assess the state of the transport system and its components, the expertise of various parties in the chain is needed. Therefore Eindhoven and Vanderlande worked together with i.a. Forbo Movement Systems and SEW Eurodrive (suppliers), ACE Re-use Technology (a specialist in remanufacturing) and local recycling company Heezen in the project. Ingeborg Gort acted as an independent project manager. She supported the parties in taking the right steps, stimulated the collaboration and documented the knowledge and business model.

Reuse, remanufacturing and recycling

A part of the existing luggage transport system was used again at Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. The motors of the conveyor belts went back to the supplier for remanufacturing. Special parts, such as tire bends, have been sold to resellers. Equipment not suitable for re-use ended up in recycling.

Vanderlande’s systems are located at 600 airports around the world, including 14 at the 20 largest airports in the world. This project is the first step for Vanderlande in exploring a circular business model for luggage systems.



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