EuropeAid – Waste to Energy in Nigeria


EuropeAid – Waste to Energy in Nigeria

Due to a lack of reliable and affordable elektricity, many households and companies in Nigeria use diesel generators. At the same time the management of municipal waste (MSW) is causing environmental problems. The Energy Task Force of Ogun State, a region in Nigeria, wants to work on a solution for both problems. That is why they wanted to investigate whether off-grid solutions aimed at the conversion of municipal waste into energy could be part of this solution.

From waste to energy

EuropeAid (The European Commission for International Trade and Cooperation) facilitated a feasibility study into the conversion of MSW into electricity in Ogun State. The ultimate goal of the research was to develop a business plan for a company that takes care of both the sorting of the waste and the conversion of this waste into energy. In this context, only off-grid energy systems were considered.

In the study we investigated the technical and financial feasibility of a waste-to-energy technology in Ogun and the expected socio-economic and environmental impact. In addition, we have developed a technical design concept with the associated possible business models.

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