Edorado – Electronic speedboats


Edorado – Electronic speedboats

Edorado Marine has the ambition to become the Tesla of water sports. The first step has been taken by designing a fast speedboat that makes electric sailing reliable and accessible. The Edorado 7S is the sustainable alternative to a normal speedboat on petrol or diesel. We supported them in the realization of the electronic speedboat.

An electrically driven speedboat

The Edorado 7S is a full electrically driven speedboat. The combination with hydrofoils ensures the good sailing properties of the powerboat. The speedboat is powered by a battery that can be charged with solar energy. A charging system for this battery is therefore also part of this project. The boat is expected to be the first in a range of designs that will make electric boats faster, more reliable and more affordable.

Partners for Innovation assisted in obtaining financing (MIT), applying Ecodesign principles in the design process and project management.



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