CTCN & Ministry of Energy Benin – Wind turbines in Benin


CTCN & Ministry of Energy Benin – Wind turbines in Benin

Many coastal and windy areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as southern Benin, consider using wind energy for their electricity supply. Whether that is feasible and desirable depends strongly on the local socio-economic circumstances. That is why we investigated how and to what extent locally produced wind turbines can contribute to the electrification of South Benin.

Sector development for small wind turbines in Benin

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy in Benin and CTCN, we investigated the technological and economic potential of small wind turbines in Benin, starting with the market. The market turned out to be large enough to produce a suitable volume of energy. Around 90 villages in the south of Benin (ca 200.000 inhabitants) can be supplied with wind energy in this way.

We also looked at the possibilities for local production, because that is an important factor for the success of the technology. Production in the region not only ensures lower costs, but also social embedding of the technology and employment. Although the sectors’ first steps are highly dependent on import, most skills and materials can be implemented by Beninese companies in the short to medium term.

Finally, the action plan describes which steps can be taken to actually develop the sector for small wind turbines.

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