Control Union – Certification of renewable fuels


Control Union – Certification of renewable fuels

Companies and governments are looking for alternatives for fossil fuels. The demand for renewable fuels is therefore increasing. At the same time, legal requirements regarding sustainability are becoming increasingly strict. Since 2013 we have been working together with Control Union Certifications on the certification of renewable fuels for the American market.

Renewable Fuel Standard: certification of renewable fuels 

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program originates from the United States and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by strengthening the renewable fuel industry. The program is part of the American Energy Act from 2005 and was expanded in 2007 under the Energy Independence and Security Act.

Companies that produce renewable fuels need to renew their license once every three years. During an audit, Partners for Innovation checks whether they meet all the requirements and rules of the RFS-program. In case of a positive report, they can (continue to) export their product to the United States.



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