Clay Brick Association – Sustainability program


Clay Brick Association – Sustainability program

The formal brick industry is an important economic sector for South Africa, that provides jobs for many residents. At the same time, the sector is also responsible for environmental pollution, resource depletion and emissions. That is why we are working on a sustainability program with the South-African Clay Brick Association (CBA).

Brick industry in South-Africa 

Although the brick sector is actively reducing their environmental impact, the sector still has a large ecological footprint. The major brick manufacturers are making progress, but most SMEs are not yet able to take sustainable steps. In general, they have limited organizational adaptability, are unfamiliar with sustainability and energy efficiency, and it is difficult to obtain financing for new, more efficient technologies. Despite the unfavourable market conditions, the brick manufacturers know that changes are needed. The CBA therefore focuses on making the entire brick industry more sustainable.

Sustainability program for the South African Clay Brick Association

The CBA is preparing and implemeting a sustainability program, which Partners for Innovation supports. This program is aimed at promoting inclusive and sustainable practices for SMEs in the South African clay brick industry. This involves raising awareness of sustainable production and consumption within the sector and supporting SMEs in the transition to sustainable production methods.

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