AgriProFocus – Network for agribusiness


AgriProFocus – Network for agribusiness

Network for agribusiness

How do we ensure that we can meet the food needs of the growing world population? The multi-stakeholder network AgriProFocus works on food security by connecting (agricultural) entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments.

By being active in 12 African and Asian countries, 22,000 agribusiness professionals are connected worldwide. The network focuses on the link between agriculture and development. Innovative entrepreneurs in the agricultural value chain are being supported in finding new and sustainable ways of doing business. The network helps them, for example, in finding suitable partners and useful and correct information.

AgriProFocus Niger

AgriProFocus Niger is hosted by Partners for Innovation Niger. We coordinate all activities of the network and are responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of these activities. These activities are primarily focused on capacity building. For example, we provide access to resources, contacts, expertise and other parties in the network. We also focus on knowledge expansion and joint action.



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