24 July 2020

European Innovation fund for clean technologies

Innovation fundThe European Union is launching an Innovation Fund to drive clean technologies towards the market. Until 2030 10 billion euros will be available. The first call for proposals for large-scale projects will end on October 29, 2020. Partners for Innovation can provide support in applying for this scheme.

The EU innovation fund focuses on energy-intensive industries, renewable energy, energy storage and CCUS. The grant is primarily intended to spread the risks associated with the demonstration of highly innovative technologies and big flagship projects to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe.

Small-scale projects

The subsidy will support up to 60% of the additional capital and operational costs linked to innovation. The fund is also accessible for smaller projects of up to 7 million euros. They can qualify for a grant through a simpler application and selection process. Innovation Fund grants can be combined with funding from other support programmes.

Are you interested in this new scheme and need support with your proposal? Please contact Peter Karsch.

Click here for more information about this scheme.

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