4 May 2020

Grateful Discard: How do you get products back from users?

thankfully discard cell phoneDo you also have a drawer with old mobile phones at home? You’re not the only one. But how do you get products back from users? Researcher Flora Poppelaars of Partners for Innovation shares the findings of her dissertation on ‘Design for Divestment’ on the Circonl website and provides concrete tools to improve the experience during the disposal phase.

Everyone can think of dozens of outlets to buy a smartphone. The points where you can hand in your smartphone are considerably more difficult to list. In order to achieve a circular economy and thus to be able to reuse, refurbish or recycle consumer products, users must hand them in. The problem is that smartphones now often end up in a forget-drawer (because “you never know”) or even sometimes are thrown away with the residual waste.

Thankfully discard

There are relatively few tools for designers to get users to return their products after use. At the moment, the focus of the disposal phase in a circular economy often focuses on technical aspects such as return logistics and material solutions. For her PhD research, Flora Poppelaars got into the minds of users to study how they experience the disposal phase and what designers can learn from it. In doing so, she spoke to Prof. Ir. Conny Bakker about the possibilities for the new field of Design for Divestment.

Click here for the complete story on circonl

A series of blogs by Flora Poppelaars will be published shortly, in which she elaborates on the different design principles to improve the user’s discard experience.

If you want to know more about grateful discarding, please contact her.


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