21 September 2020

Call for proposals Horizon 2020 European Green Deal projects

Horizon 2020 green deal call

A new call for proposals of the European Horizon 2020 EU Green Deal projects will be opened at the end of September. Consortia of companies and organizations from different European member states can apply for subsidy for projects that contribute to the sustainability goals of the EU Green Deal. Partners for Innovation can help companies write the application and put together a consortium of European parties. 

The Horizon 2020 ‘European Green Deal Call‘ is primarily intended for research and innovation projects that are in a pilot or demonstration phase. It is noteworthy that immediately a ‘full proposal’, a complete proposal, is requested. The applicants must explain, among other things, how the project contributes to the EU goals, why subsidy is needed and submit an action plan with planning and a budget.

Consortia can submit an application from the end of September to January 2021. A total of € 1 billion will be available for projects on climate change, circularity, energy, mobility, food, biodiversity, less pollution and citizen engagement.

Partners for Innovation has a lot of experience in applying for funding and developing and supervising projects around all these themes. For example, we are closely involved in the Horizon 2020 LIFE nature development program.

Read more about our Project Development and Finance Services.

For more information, please contact Peter Karsch or Matthew Doe.

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