11 March 2020

Developing agribusiness partnerships with impact in Niger

Developing agribusiness partnerships with impactFrom 28 February to 4 March  2020, Niger organized the Agriculture, Hydraulic, Environment and Livestock Trade Fair (SAHEL-Niger 2020) in Niamey. Partners for Innovation Niger actively participated throughout the event, with a view to developing agribusiness partnerships for a positive impact.

Partners for Innovation Niger has ensured effective communication at the two stands of its partners AgriProFocus and ENABEL. The AgriProFocus stand was the space for connecting-linking-leadership in entrepreneurship to make agribusinesss work for development. The ENABEL stands were dedicated to give information about the services PfI provides regarding the development of enterprises in the livestock sector, in the region of Tahoua.

Partner in youth agribusiness

SAHEL is the annual government event regarding agriculture. During the visit of the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Niger, Albadé Abouba, Pfi Niger was designated as a suitable partner in youth agribusiness. PfI/AgriProFocus was the only private partner that had a space available for communication purposes.

Many visitors visited the two stands to gather information about the services and opportunities of PfI-Niger. “PfI-Niger is the perfect model for sustainable partnerships in the circular economy and agribusiness”, says Dr. Mallam Garba Maman, who is working for the government and consultant at HD.  “It is a better strategy to first conduct feasibility studies and market studies before any action is taken, as they do at PfI-Niger. This allows us to exercise better control and accurately measure the success of the actions.”

At this exhibition, PfI-Niger participated fully in the various activities of its partners, e.g.  assisting the conference on “Certification as a Leverage for Competitiveness of agri-food products of Niger” realized by AgriProFocus Niger. In addition, PfI-Niger joined a tasting session of local products and attended the presentation of prizes and testimonials of satisfaction, organized by AgriProFocus, and which attracted two Ministers and a number of strategic partners.

For more information, please contact Saley Idrissa or Rakiatou Gazibo.



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