01 09 2020

Electronics goes Green

The Electronics Goes Green conference 2020 is an outstanding event for the growing global community of scientists, product developers, business managers, and policy makers working on environmentally benign processes, products, systems, and business models in and for the electronics and ICT industry. Electronics goes Green is a scientific conference that explores the facets of green electronics. Fraunhofer IZM has been the organization behind the conference from the beginning.

Valuable divestment user experience

Due to the Covid-19 crisis the conference will be an on-demand virtual event of pre-recorded presentations, starting at August 20, combined with a live event on September 1, 2020.The conference is online this year. From August 20 to… September participants can follow the different sessions. There is a live meeting on September 1. Flora Poppelaars of Partners for Innovation is one of the speakers at the conference. She will give a presentation together with Conny Bakker of Delft University of Technology and Jo van Engelen of University of Groningen under the title “Case studies on how to incentivize people to bring back their devices by creating a more valuable divestment user experience”. (C.3: Circular Society Vision)

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